Warn your kids about this dangerous TikTok challenge

New TikTok challenge which is dangerous for all

Tiktok challenge, something called the “Skull-Shatter Challenge,” is not a good idea, but apparently, nothing is unnecessary today. So, if you have pre-teens or teenagers, it is worth mentioning so that they are not inadvertently dropped to the ground in a violent fall that can cause a concussion or worse.

I look forward to the innocent days of the Ice Bucket Challenge, around 2014 when the worst thing we did was to pour ice water over our own heads to raise awareness of ALS.

Now, in the latest viral challenge, two people cheat on a third, making them think they are simply stopping in a row and jumping together. But when the person is in the middle jumps, the people on either side of the trip over them in the air, throwing them on their backs on the floor.

The challenge seems to have originated from  TikTok, but when you search for #skullbreakerchallenge in the app now, you are more likely to see a series of posts from people begging others not to try than posts from the match itself.

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This may be mainly because, as a TikTok spokesman allegedly told NBC News in a statement, “the trend in question is a violation of our guidelines, so we remove the content when it is reported.”

Your older children, especially if they are active on social media, have probably heard of the Skull-Breaking Challenge. But younger children may not know what it is or suspect such a prank if a couple of peers challenge them to an innocent jumping challenge. It is worth a warning, just in case.

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