“The Naked Athena”: A New Symbol Against Police Brutality In The United States

The Naked Athena, Symbol Against Police Brutality, United States

A completely naked woman with her legs open in front of a row of American police officers armed to the teeth, became the symbol of the anti-police protests last weekend in Portland, Oregon. To this day, the identity of this stripped protester remains a mystery.

Appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the night, this young demonstrator advanced alone in front of a line of federal agents.

Equipped with a mask, she alternated between yoga and ballet poses to the surprise of the police, who fired pepper balls at her feet without her flinching.

New symbol

In the hours that followed, social networks ignited at the sight of this action, which took place overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Many commentators saw it as a symbol of vulnerability to police repression.

Freelance journalist Donovan Farley, present at the scene, even marveled at seeing the police force in retreat after the appearance of the one he baptized “naked Athena” in reference to the Greek goddess of wisdom and the war.

“And then? Athena Nue appeared and the little boys did not know what to do anymore, ”the reporter tweeted to mock the police. However, no image and no testimony can confirm that the departure of the police was caused by the appearance of the naked woman.

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Note: Original source for this article’s picture

With tens of thousands of retweets, the images of the naked protester have toured the networks. Rather, right-wing commentators associated the scene with a fit of madness associated with the Antifa movement.

In addition, the act of nudity has also been castigated by some Internet users who fear that a white person is considered a symbol of the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The night of July 18 was no exception to the other many evenings of riots that have rocked Portland since the death of African-American George Floyd in a street arrest.

It was the flash appearance of a naked demonstrator that rocked American social networks when the coverage of this demonstration should not have been different from the others.

According to local newspaper photographer Dave Killen, who captured the scene, the protester did not utter a single word. She would have disappeared shortly after her appearance without giving any further explanation of her performance.

Legal in Portland

While this act of public nudity may seem illegal to many, it should be noted that the city of Portland allows complete nudity for political advocacy purposes. The “Naked Athena” was in her own right while walking in front of the police.

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