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Rescue 1122 Jhang received 16992 phone calls in the last one month

1807 for emergency calls, 5957 for various information calls and 355 for calls, said Rescue

Jhang (News Mag Latest – APP. 01 July 2020) Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Jhang received 16992 phone calls during the last month of June in which the number of emergency calls was 1807, the number of unrelated calls was 8873, the number of various information calls was 5957 and the number of ring calls was 355.

A spokesman for Rescue 1122 Jhang told APP on Wednesday that Rescue 1122 personnel responded quickly to 1807 emergency calls, including 442 cases of road traffic accidents and 1007 cases of medical emergencies.

He said that 98 crime emergencies were reported in June, including 25 fire incidents, 6 buildings collapsed and 228 emergency services were provided in different emergencies.

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He said that in June, Rescue 1122 Jhang rescued 1817 people in various emergencies out of which 511 were rescued on the spot.

He said that 1236 people were shifted to different hospitals after receiving first aid and 70 people lost their lives in different emergencies.

He said that the average response time of Rescue 1122 Jhang was 6:23 minutes, emergency response time was 6:61 minutes and fire emergency was average. Time was 6:20.

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