Record Exports Increase In Fruit And Vegetable From Pakistan Despite Corona

KARACHIExports of fruits and vegetables from Pakistan have increased despite the global Corona epidemic.

According to Waheed Ahmed, Patron General of All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, at a time when worldwide trade was facing severe difficulties and timely delivery of goods was not possible due to lockdown,

Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Association It has adopted a specific strategy to turn the challenges posed by Corona into possibilities, in which the federal government has been supporting exporters step by step, and appropriate measures have been taken to remove barriers to exports.

Due to the difficulty of exporting by air, Pakistan has adopted a strategy of exporting by land and sea. Attention has been paid to the markets of Afghanistan and Iran.

Also solved export problems which benefited exports.

Last season, Pakistan not only took advantage of the export potential of cannabis.

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Corona epidemic was raging, the world needed vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, but there were logistical problems. In addition to cannabis, Pakistan increased its exports of onions and potatoes, and during the rise of the Corona.

It exported Pakistan’s delicious and nutritious mangoes to the world. With the efforts of PFVA, Pakistan International Airlines reduced its freight, which allowed exporters to facilitate competition in the markets of the Gulf states and the United Arab Emirates.

By persuading the federal government to open onion exports, the PFVA paved the way for an increase in exports and the price of potatoes and onions remained stable in the local market, which also benefited the farmers.

Waheed Ahmed said that the increase in exports of fruits and vegetables would not only be continued, but steps would also be taken to increase it.

To this end, PFVA has submitted its Horticulture Vision to the Federal Government, keeping in view the difficulties of off-the-shelf and export from farms.

By implementing these measures, Pakistan can increase their fruit and vegetable exports to 1 billion in the next two years, while exports could increase to 2 billion in five years and 6 billion in ten years.

By implementing the Horticulture Vision, 1.8 million direct employment opportunities can be created in five years, and 3 million people can be employed in 10 years.

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