Qeemey Ki Kachorian Recipe

Qimey ki Kachori

Pomegranate Half a kg of fat-free onion Two omelette-like chopped green coriander One bale Finely chopped green chillies Three finely chopped ginger Garlic crushed One tablespoon crushed red pepper One tablespoon ground black pepper Tablespoon salt to taste lemons two tablespoons oil one tablespoon kachooris kaata one kg celery a quarter teaspoon baking soda half a teaspoon oil to fry.


First, mix celery, salt and soda in the flour and knead well and cover with a damp cloth and leave it for about fifteen minutes.

Then put a tablespoon of oil in a saucepan and add salt, ginger, garlic and pepper. When the water is dry, lightly fry it, add onion, green chillies and green coriander, add lemon juice on top, then mix well and let it cool.

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Now take a small piece of flour and wet your hands. Then spread the dough with a few qima and close it on all four sides. Slightly press it and spread it like a kachoori—heat oil in a pan.

When the moles are gone, take them out, spread the newspaper in a sieve and place them on top so that the oil is absorbed.

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