Pi-Network Smart Currency Future Of A Bitcoin

(The Way Forward)

The 21st century started with digital started from your smartphones to Geo-sensors, Accelerators, and Telescopes. During this time one thing lag behind others is the currency we use. Every person is affected by a lack of Modernity in the way of using money.

During the latter half of the first decade, the revolution came with BITCOIN launches on Jan/03/2009. Every new thing hard to adopt but as time passed people realized what a revolutionary thing they just missed. But now in 2021, the same opportunity came in the shape of a new cryptocurrency (pie- currency). They came with hopes of building a smart contracts platform that is secured and operated every day. They started this in 2019 but its official now with people mining it every day on their phones really on phones this is an advancement that is introduced in this new how to get started with pie.

Firstly download has to download the app on your phone sign up with your correct identity. Then you have to create your code and to move forward you have to use the invitation code. Use this invitation code “alysarfraz” to be a part of a huge team of Pi- network. or click on the link “ to direct download the app, if you are  After that, your code can use your code to invite others to the pie. This will work in favor of you after someone use your code to sign up. Yes, it has benefits for all.

After you open your app you start mining every day by just clicking on the button and of course, invitations give you benefit by increasing your rate of mining At the base mining rate of 0.8Pi/hr. a new person registering an account can mine about 19.2 Pi Network coins per day or about 7000 in a year. So it’s free for now but not for long after its going to get out its official rate that would be somewhere September 2021, then each coin of pie would be 1 PI to 0.01511 USD.

It’s not a lot at the start but BITCOIN started just the same way wirth its rate being $0.0008 to $0.08 per coin but now it’s one coin mines at a whopping price of $47,288.00 so it’s a lucky guess it’s going to reach a significant amount in coming years.

Use this invitation code “alysarfraz” to be a part of a huge team of Pi- network. or click on the link “ to direct download the app

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