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Karachi Rains For Third Day

The Death Toll In Accidents And Incidents Has Risen To 11

KARACHI: For the third day in a row, heavy and light rains have been falling in Quaid-e-Azam city, while the death toll in accidents and incidents has risen to 11.

Monsoon rains are continuing in most districts of Sindh and Balochistan including Karachi. As a result, where the heatwave has broken, people’s difficulties have also increased to some extent.

Rain For The Third Day In A Row In Karachi

For the third day in a row, Karachi and adjoining areas have been receiving intermittent light to heavy rains. Due to continuous rains, most of the citizens are confined to their homes. DMCs, KMC, Government of Sindh, NDMA and Pak Army are engaged in the ongoing relief operation for drainage.

Most Of The City Is Without Electricity

Most parts of Karachi are without electricity during monsoon rains. Orangi, Khudadad Colony, Landhi, PECHS, Old City Area and Korangi have been without power since last night, while Surjani Town, Khadki Basti and other suburbs have been without power for the previous two days.

Statement Of K-Electric

“Our staff is facing difficulties in restoring power due to standing water in some low-lying areas,” said a spokesman for Electric.

Probably, the protection of human lives is the priority. As soon as safety clearance is received, power is being restored in the affected areas. We appeal to the concerned agencies for drainage from low lying areas.

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10 Killed In Accidents And Incidents

During the last 3 days of monsoon rains, 8 people have been killed in various accidents and incidents in the city, out of which 7 people have been electrocuted, one girl has drowned, and two people have died due to roof collapse. Happened

K Electric’s Position On Electric Shocks

K Electric, a power supply company in some areas of Karachi and Balochistan, says the rent-seeking accidents are unfortunate, but they have nothing to do with our infrastructure. They are due to illegal power supply. ۔

Hyderabad conditions

On the third day also, rainwater has accumulated on various highways and intersections in Hyderabad city due to which the flow of traffic has been affected, and citizens are facing difficulties.Karachi Rains For Third Day

Apart from Noorani Basti, Talab No. 3, New Cloth Market Road, Faqir Ka Pad Chowk, Goods Naka, Station Road, Qazi Qayyum Road, Latifabad Units 8, 10 and 11, Auto Bhan Road and Shah Maki Road are most affected.

Meteorological Department Forecast

According to the Meteorological Department, the intensity of the monsoon system is still intact, and the rain system has spread to Balochistan.

The rains are expected to continue intermittently until tonight. Up to 30 mm of rain is expected in Karachi. The monsoon system will start weakening after rains today, but there will be drizzle and light rain in Karachi tomorrow as well. It is possible.

Rain In Balochistan Too

Monsoon rain system is showering mercy in different parts of Balochistan after rains in Sindh. Rains in Awaran, Lasbela, Mastung, Kalat, Dhadar and Jhal Magsi have reduced the heatwave for several days.

Due to the showers, low-level floodwaters are flowing in the canals of Gandhwa.

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