Joy Enhancement Foods

Joy enhancement

Reproduction / Sexual and the force behind the awareness of dietary factors Here I must mention the food for men and women being sexually aroused both passion and functionality with the young general health ( health and wellness not only) They have the potential to have good effects, but their continued use does not lead to any new confusion.

1. Radish (Muli)

The sharpness of its taste leads to an increase in sexual pleasure. It also controls the functions of the liver so that the release of cholesterol and other chemicals is appropriate.

2. Salad leaves (Salad ka Patay)

It helps to reduce cholesterol level also Improves blood supply and strengthens muscles.

3. Mint (Pudina)

It motivates sexual desire in women and removes male weaknesses.

4. Red pepper (Laal Mirch)

Rich in vitamin C. Circulation is the cause of increased blood flow. The presence of a chemical called capsaicin in it causes sexual confusion.

5. Pepper (Mirch)

It stimulates sexual desire and Increases the amount of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

6. Ginger (Lehson)

This is dietary Viagra, just a small amount of warmth in the body. But too much use of it can cause blood pressure and haemorrhoids.

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7۔ Onion (Piyaz)

Onion contains about 30 enzymes that speed up digestion and keep the blood thin. It is helpful in sexual function.

8. Garlic (Adkar)

It Has onion-like properties. It helps in lowering cholesterol, stimulates sexual desire and Increases blood flow.

9. Cardamom (Elichi)

It contains two male hormone-producing chemicals that cause sexual desire. The ingredient found in it, senior, stimulates the central nervous system.

10. Fennel (Sonf)

The constant use of this stimulates sexual desire.

11. Fish or linseed oil (Machli or Alsi ka oil)

Omega-3 fatty acids lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, it does not allow sexual feelings to develop.

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