Fear Of Corona Virus, How Many Millions Quit Smoking?

Fear of Corona Virus

While the corona virus has infected more than 10 million people worldwide and caused millions of deaths, it also has the benefit of giving up millions of people who have given up smoking

According to a BBC report, more than a million people have quit smoking since the start of the Corona epidemic, according to a survey by a charity that works with smoking and health in the UK.

The survey report found that 41% of smokers quit smoking in the first four months out of fear of corona.

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The survey report found that 41% of smokers quit smoking in the first four months out of fear of corona.

A survey of 10,000 people between April 15 and June 20 found that half of them had quit smoking in the past four months and said Corona was in the decision. The epidemic has played an important role.

A team from University College London has known about 1,000 smokers every month since 2007. According to their survey, 7.6% of people took part in their smoking cessation survey in 2020, the highest number in a decade since the survey began.

Since 2007, an average of 5.9% of people quit smoking every year. However, this year the figure is 7.6 percent.

On the other hand, another survey by University College London has also revealed that in the last month after 2007, the highest number of people quit smoking in a year.

If we talk about Pakistan 66.7% smokers, 53.3% vapers see no change in the smoking habit because of Covid-19.

Apart from 76.7% of smokers reporting easy availability, 91.7% bought cigarettes during the shutdown. However, the availability of vaping products remained restricted. Only a little less than one-third vapers (31.7%) said vaping products were available to them; 51.7% bought vaping products during the lockdown

The government had warned that smokers could develop severe symptoms after contracting the corona virus.

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