Defense Day: For Honor And Inspiration

Defense Day: Some memorable rare images of 1965 war

We often take our freedoms as citizens of an independent country and the peaceful surroundings of our cities and other places in Pakistan that we visit guaranteed. 

This freedom and peace are guaranteed by the military and security agencies that work 24 hours a day to protect our country from external threats and other internal threats. Its role is to work for the defense and security of the country under the guidance of the civilian government, and your staff makes great sacrifices, if necessary, in the performance of your duty.

Defense Day: For honor and inspiration

The contributions of defense services provided by our military forces are marked by the annual celebration of National Defense Day in our country.

Defense Day, as the name suggests, commemorates the day when our national armed forces successfully defended the Indian forces’ attack on our beloved Pakistan in the 1965 war. Its a tribute to our armed forces and all war martyrs. It is celebrated on September 6 of each year.

Defense Day is celebrated every year in memory of the sacrifices made by Pakistan’s armed forces in the 1965 war.

Defense Day: For honor and inspirationThe enemy attacked our motherland on September 6, 1965, with the aim of invading the attacked areas. It was a reaction to stop the Pakistani military from advancing into India-occupied Kashmir.

They mainly attacked the regions of the Lahore, Sialkot, and the desert areas of Sindh. The battle continued until September 22, 1965, when both sides accepted the United Nations-administered ceasefire.

Our military has been successful in defending not only the attacked areas but also in protecting the lives of thousands of civilians and their homes.

As such, we have a duty to honor and respect all the military in our country who gave their lives for us so that we, our relatives, and our countrymen could live in peace.

This respect and honor must also extend to all soldiers who have supported our martyrs, risked their lives, and lived to tell the story.

Many of our martyred national heroes have received awards for their bravery and bravery. Nishan-i-Haider’s highest military award was given to Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, for his extraordinary role in defending the Lahore Bedian area in 1965.

Defense Day: For honor and inspirationHe is among a handful of other brave and brave soldiers who were martyred and received the same prize in other battles and wars. They gave the greatest sacrifice of their lives for the defense of Pakistan.

Defense Day is also a day to renew our promise that we are a strong and proud nation, and that we would not be frightened by any foreign nation, no matter how strong. Our military is a symbol of all this and more.

It embodies the spirit of struggle, bravery, and tactical acumen of the great nation of Pakistan.

And Defense Day is the day to celebrate and remember all of this so that we can be strong and bring the right message to the country youth and children.

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A series of parades and military events are organized on Defense Day across the country. The latest technologies and advances in the military war are also exhibited in military parades.

Sometimes, newly developed weapon test launches also take place on this day. The evident purpose of these events is to remember our heroes and show our strength in military terms. Our television channels and social networks also contribute to this goal.

We should all be proud of our strong military forces and their constitutional role in protecting our country’s physical borders and security.

We may be facing economic problems, but we are protected from foreign threats by what many around the world review to be one of the best military forces in Asia. When we salute our war heroes of the past, we respect their sacrifices.

Defense Day: For honor and inspirationBut our military not only captures in combat during the war but also contributes to the nation in times of peace.

Forces also often carry out humanitarian activities in areas hit by disasters and provide national assistance services in events such as floods, earthquakes, etc. Many institutions in the armed forces, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., working under military control, provide valuable services to civilians as well.

Its never too late to honor and greet our national heroes. Any school or community function can be organized at any time to honor all the uniformed men and women who served to defend our country.

The awareness of its importance and efforts can also be increased in social networks by us. Our conversations and chats with family and friends can also involve the topic of the military’s constitutional role and importance.

If this were to inspire young people to join the army and serve the country selflessly, it would be a noble result

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