Businessman Zimin, Who Paid For Navalny’s Flight To Germany, Made A Statement

German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally took part in the case.

Russian businessman Boris Zimin said that he did not understand the excitement around paying for Alexei Navalny’s flight to Berlin. Earlier, an associate of the oppositionist Leonid Volkov noted that the family fund of the founder of the company Vimpelcom (trademark Beeline) Dmitry Zimin paid for the plane’s flight to Germany.

At the end of the week, doctors from Omsk were permitted to remove Alexei Navalny, who was allegedly poisoned. Several associates of the opposition demanded that Vladimir Putin help with sending Navalny abroad. The Kremlin promised to help.

As a result, Volkov conveyed thanks to Boris Zimin and the Zimin family fund, who paid for the plane’s flight with resuscitation equipment.

While the question of transportation was being decided, the plane was at the airport. Also, in Germany, an aircraft was expected to arrive – it was controlled by the government and personally by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Besides, Yeltsin’s daughter Tatyana Dyachenko and State Duma deputy Sergei Shargunov took part in the negotiations over Navalny, writes MK.

Immediately after the transportation of Alexei Navalny to Berlin, controversy erupted on the Web: many were outraged that others were not allowed abroad, although their state of health was critical.

After that, businessman Zimin explained his action.

“What kind of horror is there in our country that the provision of urgent, vital assistance causes so many shaking hands and pats on the shoulder. No, I’m delighted to shake all hands, thank you very much, thank you for the offer of money (more on that below), but by God, let’s remember Yuri Dmitriev, who has already been soldered an amazing time in essence for preserving the memory of the repressed. Let’s remember Sergei Mokhnatkin, who was broken for ten years, his life and spine were broken, and in the end, they killed him to death, but did not break his spirit (let me remind you that a person did not even suffer for politics so much as for his own and other people’s dignity, for the impatience of arbitrariness), let’s pay attention and shake hands with those many next to us who harness themselves to something for the sake of principles, conscientiously, risking themselves and their well-being. You can help them with money,” Facebook.

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According to Zimin, “the politician has been poisoned by malefactors,” and “relatives and associates have to scrape the poisoned out of the country.”

He also noted that “the state (in its different guises and through different mouthpieces) carries some shameful game.”

According to Newsmag earlier, Alexei Navalny, who earned 5.4 million rubles in 2019, called the primary source of income for his IP entrepreneur Boris Zimin.

Businessman and race car driver Boris Zimin was born into the family of Dmitry Zimin, the creator of the largest mobile network Beeline, worked for his father – he headed the board of trustees of the Dynasty Foundation for non-profit programs.

The fund was established in 2001, and ceased to exist in 2015 when it was recognized as a “foreign agent.”

As Topnews wrote earlier, the plane with Alexei Navalny landed at Tegel airport in the suburbs of Berlin on August 22 at about 10:00 Moscow time.

After some time, the oppositionist in a coma was taken to the Berlin clinic Charite.

Navalny is currently being looked after by military doctors. The Octagon portal reported this concerning its sources in diplomatic circles.

During the negotiations, Navalny was taken to the Berlin clinic, Charite.

Navalny was transported to Tegel airport under the supervision of military resuscitators, Bild notes. The doctors are waiting for the statement at the beginning of the working week.

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