Allergy Shock : Bride Dies At Her Wedding Reception

Deadly Allergy Shock - Nut Allergy - Bride Dies

Bride Dies: It was supposed to be the best day of her life – and it was her last.

In Russia, a bride died at her own wedding. The 25-year-old suffered an allergic shock while eating.

Alexandra Erochowa († 25) was a student of the elite Russian Presidential Academy and celebrated her wedding in the magnificent Tsaritsyno Palace in Moscow, reports the ” Daily Mail “, citing local media. After the wedding, the wedding party went to the banquet.

After eating a few spoons of dessert, the bride suddenly collapsed. Guests rushed to help her, according to the statement, the bride “suffocated at the table”. An ambulance was called, paramedics tried to reanimate Erochowa. But they could not save the 25-year-old.

Deadly allergy shock

According to the doctors, Erochowa suffered an “anaphylactic shock”, which was probably caused by a nut allergy.


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The child had suffered from a nut allergy since childhood. The cooks had also pointed this out to Erochowa’s relatives. But apparently the dessert the bride ate still contained traces of nuts. Now the police are investigating.

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